Tourism & Hospitality


This program is a New Life Project, the goal is to take your career to new professional dimensions accepted worldwide. This program takes place in Kuwait withan international option for France and Singapore. This diploma provides you an opportunity to carry out an innovative work experience in different countries with paid internships.
The industry strives to ensure high levels of satisfaction for temporary space to travelers in the form of hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, cruise lines, contract catering, retail outlets, fast food restaurants, suites and residences. Traditional roles are in front office, housekeeping and guest services.
Tourism is a phenomenal growth industry throughout the world, reflecting the rise in living standards and an awareness of the importance of touring and travelling for pleasure, recreation and relaxation. It provides the foundation, skills and knowledge to identify, design, market and manage tourism operations with profit and efficiency, in fulfilment of the global demand to discover exciting and exotic holiday destinations and locations.

Teaching Strategies

With a low lecturer-student ratio for practical and theory classes, our lecturers are able to spend time with each individual student, giving timely feedback and facilitating the acquisition and mastery of knowledge, efficient skills and professional attitudes. An integrated broad-based “learning by doing” experience, an experience-based approach, with a career-focused curriculum are adopted to enable our students to gain real-world experience. As such our students are trained to think critically, communicate effectively and manage professionally.
Our students benefit from the most comprehensive and advanced state-of-the-art learning resources and support facilities. There are well-equipped kitchens, training restaurants, a mock-up front office and a housekeeping suite.


  • A unique approach in teaching and learning Hotel & Tourism Management.
  • Prepares highly adaptable students for the fast-changing trends in the Hotel &Tourism Industry.
  • Provides high-quality teaching and learning
  • Teaching equipment with state-of-the-art technology
  • Highly experienced faculty with proven industrial, professional and academic track records
  • Theoretical and practical environment.
  • Small classes for a better learning environment

Program Structure

No. Core Modules TQT
1 International Cookery 15 Credits
2 Food & Beverage 15 Credits
3 Front Office Management 15 Credits
4 Housekeeping Operations 15 Credits
5 Travel & Tourism 12 Credits
No. Add on Modules TQT
1 English Language 15 Credits
2 Information Technology 13 Credits
3 French Language 10 Credits
4 Arabic Language 10 Credits

Entry Requirements

Below are the entry requirements for Diploma in Hotel Management:
O/Level, SSC, A/Level, HSSC, Level 3 or equivalent academic record.